Kai KimEdit


Aha! I see you have arrived!
So you want to know more about... Youe?
Well that's odd! He's not all that interesting.....
Let me guess! You came here because he is the calm and smart guy?!
Then allow me to tell you that I am much cooler and smarter!
I know alot of things he doesn't!... Anyway.. are you ready Youe? PAY ATTENTION!



  • Yuett Egao:

Yuett is my little twin sister, who is on a natural high all the time. She is always hyper,and well...
She is always hanging with Kai, which is double the annoyance since they get worse when at the same place.
Ah. B-but she is also very nice and a perfect little sister!//; Also she really loves candy and plushies, she's
just.... like a big kid. H-hey why so silent?!

  • Ouy Yukai

Ouy is the little brother of me and Yuett, even though he shares name with Iak for causes unknown.
For some reason he is always very angry, and mostly rude... allthough sometimes I don't blame him.
He is quite difficult to socialize with since he kind of dislikes ...everything? E-especially pianos...
We all mourn the one he broke in their I'll give up singing..."Them" being him and Iak of course,
since they are always together.

  • Kai Kim:

Oh god, Kai. This guy... is.... I, I don't know. He is always being a huge bother and annoyance, but...
As soon as someone else is mean to either of us, he sprints at them immediately. Allthough, he wouldn't agree
on being nice afterwards. Ah, I think him and Yuett have made it into a game to bother my brains out, though.
B-but Kai is also really sensitive.
I think it is what he is, at least? He's so dramatic all the time, I don't even know..!

  • KaiKai Kim:

KaiKai is... she is my nearest friend among all of the ones in this entire group. She is always nice...
And v-very caring.Also, she is the only one everyone listens to, so I'm surprised Kai is the leader
and she isn't--Ah, anyway..!
Somehow she always carries around candies for everyone, to make us all sit down calm and eat.
Wh-what do you mean I love her? W-we're just very close... She's safe to be around...?
S-stop it, now!;;/////////////

  • Iak Yukai

Iak I can very well understand, who is very cautios and scared all the time. I-I'm not saying that I'm
easily frightened..! Just that it's just normal in this....needy group of friends.
Ah, anyway, Iak is mostly just hanging about next to Ouy because they both usually are relaxing nearby the
rest of us.