Please ReadEdit

■ Pitching any of the YuKaiLoids into non-canon characters is strictly forbidden.
You are only allowed to use flags to make the canon genderbends.

■ You are not allowed to make any profit from using the YuKaiLoids without permission.
If you wish to create something that you'd gain money from, please talk to KaiSuki or nekodoru first.
Selling any of these voicebanks is strictly forbidden.

■ You are not allowed to roleplay as any of the YuKaiLoids without permission.
Do not create online accounts before speaking to KaiSuki or nekodoru.
Side note. No KAI KIM facebook roleplayers have been approved by KaiSuki.
They are all fake and created without permission.

■ You are allowed to use the official artworks for each of the YuKaiLoids as long as you add proper credits for the image(s). Make sure to check who the artist is and that it's official art.
Please do not use any already existing cover art.

■ Do NOT recolour, edit or repurpose any of the YuKaiLoids into new characters.
Doing so, or claiming them as your own is strictly forbidden.

■ Please make sure to tag your things with the full name of the YuKaiLoid you used,
that way we can find your works! We'd love to see anything you make!

■ Make sure that you read and add proper credit when you use any of the YuKaiLoid MMD models.
Please credit both the creator of the model and the creator of the YuKaiLoid.

■ You are allowed to make songs with romantic tones between any of the YuKaiLoids.
Though we'd much appreciate it if you'd keep to the canon relationships between them.

Romantic Couple:
Youe Egao & KaiKai Kim - Canon lovers (Engaged.)
MEGAne & KUBI SHUNE - Canon lovers.
Ouy Yukai & Iak YuKai -Canon lovers.

Close Friends:
KAI KIM & Yuett Egao - Best friends.
Youe Egao & KUBI SHUNE - Close friends.
NE & KUBIKO SHUNE - Best friends.
KAI KIM & MEGAne - Close friends.

KaiKai Kim, KAI KIM, Iak Yukai - Big sister, Little brother & Youngest brother.
Youe Egao, Yuett Egao & Ouy Yukai - Twins & Younger brother.
KUBI SHUNE & KUBIKO SHUNE - Big brother & Little sister.
MEGAne & NE - Big brother & Little sister.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact either KaiSuki or nekodoru.
Please see the contact info on the front page.


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