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  • -"What did you use when recording the voicebanks?"

KAI: We used Yuett's old stationary computer for that!
It's amazing how well it worked, since we used a web cam's microphone!
Nothing special but sometimes THAT is what works out the best! Ahaha.

Though for my VCV we used my old ZALMAN microphone!
I am sure no one have even heard about that brand...

And we used Audacity for all of the voicebanks.

  • -"Who made your oto.ini?"

KAI: That's a good question!
We were asked early if we wanted oto help by these lovlies!

Misha helped us with:

  • KAI KIM | Yuett Egao | KaiKai Kim | Youe Egao | MEGAne | NE

Purufufuru helped us with:


KAI: And we made Iak and Ouy's since they are private!

  • -"Can you list all the programs you guys use when making a video?"

KAI: Yes of course I can! Pay attention!

  1. UTAU
  2. Audacity
  3. Easy paint tool SAI
  4. Photoshop
  5. Vegas

  • -"When will the voicebanks be up for download?"

KAI: They are already up!
You can find all Voicebanks in each respective profile page!
Here is a link for you!

  • -"Where can I find MP3 downloads?"

KAI: Oh! We used to have dowloads to all our songs...
But since Megaupload was taken down all our links BROKE!
But here is a link to the new VALID download links!

  • -"Can my UTAU make a duet with one of the YuKai's?"

KAI: Of course! That would be wonderful!
Go ahead! And please link us to any finished work! We'd love to see~

  • -"Can you use my UTAU?"

KAI: It depends. We really like using UTAU's of our friends!
We also have our personal favorites that we might use often.
So please don't be upset if we don't say yes.

  • -"Can you use a Vipper UTAU?"

KAI: We aren't really that big Vipper fans...
The ones that we are more likely to use are Ruko, Ted or ROOK.
We don't use Ritsu Namine.

  • -"Can you voice an UTAU for me?"

KAI: I am sorry but this is a big no. That's something we wont do.
IF we were to make more UTAU's we don't want to risk them sounding too much like other UTAU's we've voiced.
We want to keep our voices to OUR UTAU projects. I hope you understand.

  • -"Can you make an oto.ini for me?"

KAI: Once again no. We're not very experienced with making them.
We would probably not do a very good job anyway so you wouldn't want us to.